Monday, May 23, 2011

Cincinnati Dispatch #08

Finally. The Joey Votto, "This Is Sportscenter" commercial I've been waiting for has finally aired. Now, if those Red Legs can just break this skid...

In another odd Cincinnati related note, it turns out that besides being a stand-up guy with a fierce work ethic, Randy Poffo, AKA The Macho Man Randy Savage did a quick stint in the Reds organization. Touching, well written article here in Sports Illustrated.

Life can take you from this...

To this...

To this.

”Ohhh Yeah!” Rest In Peace, Randy.

La Haine (1995)

An amazing film from my youth that I rediscovered via the CD soundtrack buried in my closet. La Haine ("Hatred"), directed by Mathieu Kassovitz covers three teenage friends and their trials in the riot-burnt suburbs of Paris. It's a beautifully shot portrait of friendship and struggle. Put it in the queue. Trailer below.

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