Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Tarantulas

Spring is coming. If you've ever owned a motorcycle, you know how that warm air beacons you. So here's some cycle porn that should do the trick. An outfit out of Portland, OR., called The Tarantulas are building some drop-dead gorgeous Cafe Bikes. Yes, Spring is coming.

Maybaline. Combined 1971 CB/CL175 below

The Natural 1971 CB750F SS

Smooth Criminal CB350F

Monday, March 05, 2012

City of Life and Death

A brutal showing of the Japanese occupation of Nanking, China; Also known as The Rape of Nanking, for the terror wrought on the populace.

The movie is incredibly well shot, and while there are some major technical flaws with it (the subtitles are confusingly delayed and the handwritten postcards setting up each scene are indecipherable), it successfully displays the dark, senseless breakdown of humanity while clashing with systematic brutality.

The clip is of an impressive Japanese victory dance. Pretty powerful.